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Many years ago, when you thought of concrete, you probably imagined a dreary, lifeless, or plain grey image. Back then, concrete was only used for buildings and construction, but it has grown and it is now used for many things. London concrete contractors can now make practically any design or colour using stamps, intrinsic colours, and textures. Patterned concrete London, ON uses stamps that can simulate the look of stone, wood or tile, or to create a custom design with colours and patterns that are unique to you and your home.

Stamped Concrete Patterns

Stamped concrete, often known as decorative concrete, is concrete that is created to look or imitate a different texture or pattern. Stamped concrete London is most commonly used for driveways, patios, pool decks, and occasionally the inside of a home. It gets created shortly after it has been poured by placing a stamp, most usually made of polyurethane, on top of the wet concrete to get the desired effect.

When it comes to stamped concrete patterns, there are many options to choose from. The most popular patterned concrete styles are natural stone patterns such as slate, flagstone, and fieldstone. Patterns of brick, cobblestone, and wood are close behind.

Stamped concrete in London, ON not only is aesthetically appealing, but it also adds a lot of value to your home. Since it can be produced to look like other materials such as wood, natural stone and tile, home owners have the option to customize their entire backyard. If you are unsure about which style to use, our London concrete contractors will gladly go over the options with you. 

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Textured Concrete London, Ontario

When it comes to using concrete as a feature of your home rather than in the construction process, you want something that will speak to your guests while also being consistent with the aesthetic of your home. Concrete is a material that is so sturdy and long-lasting that you'll want to include it into your home based solely on its strength. Textured concrete London, Ontario has has numerous textures and colours to add a design feature to your home.

At London Concrete Pros, we specialize in concrete stamping and our prior projects speak for themselves. We are confident that with our expertise, knowledge, and skills, we will produce a design you love. Contact us today for all your stamped concrete needs. You can reach us via our customer service hotline and during business hours, we are available to answer your questions

How is stamped concrete made?

Our contractors pour the concrete before adding the main colour. The colour release agent is then applied, and the texturizing mats are placed (this is what gives the concrete its pattern). After the mixture has been allowed to dry for sometime, the colour release agent can be removed and a sealer applied to the surface. This can appear to be a lengthy process, but it isn't for our team. In general, the surface will be inappropriate for foot traffic for the first two days after it has been poured. Read more about the stamped concrete process.

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Stamped Concrete: Advantages & Disadvantages

When it is time to choose a finished surface for your patio, driveway or walkway, it is likely that you want a product that is aesthetically beautiful, durable and cost-effective. Stamped concrete London Ontario is a popular choice because it can be made to seem like higher-end materials like brick and stone pavers for a fraction of the price. However, before you completely commit to stamped concrete, you should hear about the advantages and disadvantages.

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Choices and Aesthetics

When it comes to selecting a stamped concrete surface for a landscape, there are plenty of options. Stamped concrete London ON is available in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. Stamped concrete, which mimics practically any surface from marble to stone to worn lumber, provides an aesthetically beautiful surface that increases the value of a home and property. It is a low-cost option to add a decorative touch to your property.

Installation of Stamped Concrete

One of the benefits of stamped concrete London is its ease of installation. Installing a stamped concrete surface is significantly less labor-intensive than one composed of pavers, which must be carried and laid individually. Stamped concrete installation consists of three steps: mixing, pouring, and stamping. However, with the ease of installation comes a big margin for error.

Concrete is made from water and cement powder. Because the concrete quickly sticks to the stamp if the mixture contains too much water, there is a risk of rough edges and a poor finish. If the slurry is too dry, stamped concrete will bulge and break prematurely.

Durability: Stamped Concrete VS Regular Concrete

Although stamped concrete London Ontario is easy to clean and requires little care to maintain its patterned appearance, one of its significant drawbacks is that it is less durable than other polished surfaces.

It is critical to be careful where you install stamped concrete because it readily splits and scratches under severe loads. Stamped concrete is an unsuitable material for a driveway or any other area where cars are driven or parked. Stamped concrete is less likely to break under pressure on a footpath, sidewalk, or patio; nonetheless, it is still subject to cracking with weathering and time.

Cracks and Repairs

When it comes to concrete and cracking, the question is not if but when the surface will give way due to weather fluctuations and settling. Stamped concrete  is prone to crack overtime and will do so due to expansion and contraction caused by extreme temperature variations.

Patching a regular concrete slab is tough because matching colour and surface consistency is difficult, and stamped concrete makes matching colour and surface consistency even more challenging. Although it is less expensive than other surface options, if you are disturbed by ugly cracks, stamped concrete London may end up costing you more in the long term.

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Is stamped concrete slippery?Since stamped concrete is a textured surface, it is often more slip resistant than conventional concrete. However, it can become slippery when wet or if a film-forming sealer has been applied, just like natural stone.

How long does stamped concrete last?Provided it's installed correctly and adequately maintained, stamped concrete will last just as long as non-stamped, or standard, concrete—about 25 years. That's because the processes of installing stamped concrete and standard concrete are basically the same.

Is stamped concrete good around a pool?Coloured and stamped concrete is an excellent pool deck surface because it is attractive, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Stamped concrete comes in a variety of patterns and colours, allowing you to truly personalize your surface.

Which is better, pavers or concrete?Depending on your requirements, each option offers different benefits. Because of their low cost and ease of installation, poured concrete slabs are frequently used for outdoor residential spaces. With the advancement of stamped concrete, homeowners now have more design and texture options. Paving stones, also known as brick pavers, are individual sections made of various materials such as natural stone, concrete, or brick. Many of these pieces interlock, resulting in a versatile and long-lasting system.

Can you recoat stamped concrete?Yes. Typically, you'll need to etch the surface to improve adhesion and apply a chemical to help the two surfaces bond. The overlay is applied in a thin coat, set for a short time, and then stamped to create a new surface.

Can stamped concrete be recolored?Yes stamped concrete can be relocoloured. If you are unhappy with your existing stamped concrete colour, then recolouring the surface is a cost saving way to change the look.

Can stamped concrete be painted?Manufacturers offer a wide range of specially formulated concrete paints. Because stamped concrete is more pocked than smooth concrete, use a high-quality masonry epoxy paint that fills small pores and spreads evenly.

Does stamped concrete need to be resealed?Depending on the weather, stamped concrete should be resealed every 2 to 3 years.

Can stamped concrete be power washed?You can use a power washer to ensure that all dirt and grime is removed. This is an excellent method for getting into all the grooves, corners, and edges that you might otherwise overlook.

Learn how to clean stamped concrete the right way.

How stamped concrete works?Concrete stamping is the process of creating a pattern in stamped concrete using concrete stamps. After the colour release has been applied, concrete stamps are placed on the concrete. To leave the pattern in the stamped concrete, the concrete stamps are pushed into the concrete and then removed.

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