Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns

Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns

Being stamped concrete contractors in London Ontario, I install and have installed a lot of stamped concrete patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks. Over the years, different stamped concrete patterns have become more popular than others. In the blog, we’ll discuss the 9 most popular stamped concrete patterns.

#1. Ashlar slate – The most popular stamp pattern

This pattern is the most popular among London homeowners. Depending on the factory the stamp contractor purchased his stamps from, there are several sizes of Ashlar slate.

#2. Wood plank

People love a wood look which is why wood plank concrete stamping is very popular. Concrete will last much longer than a wooden pool deck or patio. The widths of wood stamp patterns range from 6 inches to 12 inches to 16 inches.

#3. Seamless Slate

Seamless slate is a continuous look with ‘no seams’. This stamp design really brings out the texture of the slate. Slate concrete stamps are commonly used on patios, pathways and pool decks.

#4. Seamless Stone

Seamless stone, just like seamless slate, is a continuous stamped concrete pattern with ‘no seams’. This pattern is frequently used by London ON homeowners.

#5. Arizona Flagstone

This is the most popular of the “stone”-like patterns. This pattern includes stones of various sizes and shapes.  The uneven grout lines make the concrete look like real stones.

#6. Roman Slate

Slate texture is very common and Roman slate looks great on any patio. This pattern works well with almost any brown and tan colour combination.

#7. Italian Slate

Another slate stamp pattern with a slightly different texture.

#8. Seamless Old Granite

Stamping concrete stairs and steps with an old granite texture is very popular.  The veins in this stamp pattern give it the appearance of real granite. The colours of natural granite are achieved by using a grey integral concrete colour with charcoal release.

#9. Random Stone

This look is achieved by combining integral colour Mocha Brown with charcoal release. This design is ideal for patios and walkways.


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