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A walkway can be a useful and appealing addition to your London home, especially if you or someone in your household uses a wheelchair. London concrete walkways are smooth, sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight. Not only are they functional, but they can be built to match the aesthetic of your home. Our professional team of experts, at London Concrete Pros, can transform your steps and walkway into a work of art while remaining strong and durable. With concrete sidewalk contractors like us, your sidewalk will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Concrete sidewalks London, ON have many benefits, which makes concrete the ideal material for building walkways. They are weather resistant, economical, durable, versatile, need little maintenance and have limitless designs. They also add value to your property and will last for many years.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalk

When people think of concrete, a dull, grey material usually comes to mind. However, over the years, contractors have been able to make concrete take on different colours, textures and designs. Stamped concrete sidewalks have become exceedingly popular because it can be crafted to mimic stone, cobblestone, brick, wood, slate, shells and more.

Concrete Sidewalk Contractors

Deciding you want a concrete walkway is only half of the decision. You next need to determine what style you want for your property. If you are unsure about the different designs available, contact our London concrete sidewalk contractors. Our team will gladly go over the different options with you so you find something you love. If you are debating between concrete or asphalt for your new sidewalk, this blog will help!

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Cement Sidewalk Contractors Near Me

Poured concrete is a popular material for building sidewalks. Poured concrete and concrete slabs can also be customized to the aesthetic of your home. On-site formwork is required to pour the concrete. This  takes longer to build than a prefabricated slab. However, the advantage of poured concrete is its flexibility. It is suitable for any demand or requirement.

If you are looking for cement sidewalk contractors in London, you have come to the right place. The concrete contractors, at London Concrete Pros, can install concrete walkways that meet all your requirements. We also can perform concrete sidewalk repair and replacement services. If you've ever been to Victoria Park or Gibbons Park, you may have noticed their beautiful concrete pathways. While our team didn't install those exact sidewalks, we can replicate them on your property.

Concrete Walkway Contractors in London, ON

Call to hire the best concrete contractor London for all your concrete repair and installation needs.

Concrete Sidewalk Restoration

If you have an existing sidewalk that needs to be repaired or restored, we can help you in bringing it back to life. We can repair or lift sunken areas, stabilize an eroded subbase, fill cracks, and resurface it to look like new. With a variety of concrete finishing options, this can also be a great opportunity to add some personality to your sidewalk. For concrete sidewalk resurfacing in London ON, contact us today! The pictures attached show the four most common types of concrete finishing: trowel finish, broom finish, exposed aggregate, salt finish, swirl finish and stamped concrete.

Pouring Concrete Sidewalk

If you've been thinking about installing a new concrete sidewalk or walkway but don't know where to start, London Concrete Pros can help. Our concrete sidewalk contractors will help you with any permitting requirements and will collaborate with you to determine the best placement, width, and surface type for your property. Our experienced team will safely and professionally handle any excavation and removal, then level and compact the ground to create a stable subgrade so that your new sidewalk does not heave or resettle over time. Before placing wood forms and pouring concrete, we'll often add a gravel subbase above the ground layer to ensure stability and drainage. 

When it comes time to pouring concrete sidewalk, we can add a number of different finishes such as custom colours and stamps. Since there are many options to choose from, one of our consultants will help you choose something you love that will also match your existing landscaping. Concrete sidewalk blocks are also available. We finish the job by curing the concrete, cutting expansion joints, and sealing the sidewalk against the elements.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Concrete is a great material to use for constructing sidewalks and walkways. It is durable, long lasting, easy to maintain and affordable. It can also be finished and coloured to match any residential or commercial property. However, just like any building material, concrete sidewalks run into some problems over time. Common issues include cracking, spalling or flaking, discolouration, lifting and an unsettled slab.

If you have a concrete sidewalk that has one of these issues, contact our concrete contractors in London, ON today. We are experts in concrete sidewalk repair and can repair damaged or entire sections in your concrete walkway.


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